Working for MIT


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the most respected and renowned universities in the world. Today MIT is a collection of five schools and one college, with a whopping thirty-four different departments, doing ground-breaking research in fields as different as economics, biology and engineering.

The best for the best

With an introduction like that there should be no surprise that people from all over the world are prepared to fight tooth and nail for a chance at a position within it walls. It should also not be much of a surprise that the university will take only the best, when given so many exceptional candidates to choose from. This means that anyone wanting to work at MIT will have to put in some serious effort and be very goal oriented if they are to achieve that final objective.

Get the right training

In order to become a part of an educational institution of such prestige, your official qualifications and education will obviously be important, no matter what sort of position you are aiming for, be it administration, research, teaching or something else. If you’re unsure where to start, or not entirely sure which route you need to take, it might not be the best idea to jump straight into a full bachelor’s or master’s program.

MIT_SealA better plan might be to check out training courses that could be helpful, for example at Certain positions might not even require a full degree, and so at least you will improve your chances by having gone through the right training courses, and subsequently getting certification or licensing in your chosen area.

There is also the option of going the full educational route at MIT with the intention of getting a job at the end. For exceptional students this might be an option, but the competition is strong, and it’s not easy clawing your way to the top in this environment. Hard work, perseverance and a good dose of talent and passion will definitely be needed if you are planning to take this route to the top.


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