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Massachusetts, or officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is one of the most thickly populated states in the North Eastern part of the United States.

The state also known as the Bay State gets its name from the native population of the area, the tribe known as the Massachusett, which can be roughly translated as “near the great hill”. A piece of writing about the state would go a long way, if hosted on social media sites by

It would be fun to spread the word about this state, nestled as it is in the New England area of the USA, and which is at present ably headed by the governor Charlie Baker.

Downtown Worcester skyline. Worcester is a city and the county seat of Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. The city is the second largest city in New England after Boston. A center of commerce, industry, and education, Worcester is also known for its spacious parks and plentiful museums and art galleries

Trivia about Massachusetts:

  • Boston is the largest city and the most populated, too, with greater Boston being a densely populated area.
  • It is ranked as the seventh smallest state in the United States. The state, as the colloquial name goes, abounds in bays along the coast.
  • The small size does not in any way spoil the abundant geographical beauty of this region. The state has a large coastal plain to the east while hilly terrain borders the western part.
  • The state is predominantly forested with over 62% in the state, though some of the forests have been cleared to give way to urban development. The state is also home to several species of birds and animals as well as abundant marine life.
  • The climate is mostly humid, with variations from continental to sub-tropical.
  • Though the official language is English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese are also spoken by the residents of the state.
  • The size of the state has in no way affected the economic situation of the country. The country’s per capita income was pegged at $53,221 during the year 2012, which ranked the state as the third amongst all the states in the USA.
  • The economy shifted from agriculturally based to industrial, and later to a service based economy.


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