Real Estate in Massachusetts


Massachusetts has always been an attractive real estate destination. And 2016 started off on exactly that note. Interests were high in the property market at the beginning of the year. The statistics for home sales in January had skyrocketed to 18 per cent more than just a year ago. The month also marked the best sales period in more than a decade for the industry. The last time so many homes were being sold was way back in 2004.

After The High…

With the year starting on a high, the predictions were for a great year. Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR) President Annie Blatz said in a press statement, “The calendSmiling Real Estate Agentar pages keep turning and buyers keep buying.”

But what went up then came down. The concentration of buying activity in the heady, early months of the year faded, pulling down the impressive numbers. The median home price fell to roughly half the price in January. The median condo price too dropped by nearly 3 percent.

And with buyer interest, too, waning after a busy start, the numbers fell even further, leading experts to wonder just how good a year this has been for Massachusetts real estate. By the end of the year the sales activity was strong in only three of the months, reported the MAR.

The truth, however, is that the year has evened out a bit after a very bright start. And there always remains the bright spot of Boston.

Attract More Buyers

One of the best solutions to prop up a sagging market is to entice homebuyers to visit property listings that they might find attractive. Digital platforms like seo hosting connect buyers directly to sellers’ websites, facilitating a faster and more transparent supply chain.

Get Attention

The city of Boston has always attracted the attention of homebuyers, no matter the state and condition of the real estate market. As the median prices fell in the state, the city recorded a rise. Market experts claim that the equity gains for the Boston real estate market even outperforms the national average. The foreclosure numbers, too, are dipping in the great city.


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