About the Massachusetts Bay Colony


The Massachusetts Bay Colony was established in the year 1628 and was disbanded in 1692. It was initially founded as a settlement for English voyagers and was located on the East Coast of present-day USA. The settlement was located around the opening of what was known as the Massachusetts Bay. This settlement lay on the northernmost side of what later became recognised as the Province of Massachusetts Bay. The territory known as Massachusetts Bay Colony was located in an area known as New England. This area later came to be known as modern-day Massachusetts.

Learning the History of this Colony

If you want to learn the real history of this colony, you may have to dig deep into historical archives. A lot of these archives have been lost over time, but most of them are available online. There are websites dedicated to preserving the history of the United States, and they are likely to have both digital and physical records of that period. In fact, should you take part in charity auctions, you could buy some of these records. Just be sure to have a professional historian have a look at them for you to ensure you are not duped.

Take a Piece of History Home

Antiques from the era of this colony are available. Granted, most of them have been lost over time with some of them degrading due to the elements. Despite this, you can find antiques at Barnebys from the era of the Massachusetts Bay colony. Do note that you may have to do some restoration on some of these antiques due to their age. The effort is worth it though because you will be restoring and preserving history from an important era of the Unites States East Coast. If you decide not to purchase antiques from Barnebys, be sure they are legitimate as these antiques are quite expensive.


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