Famous people from Massachusetts

Massachusetts has been the birthplace of many celebrities, in a variety of different fields, from acting and literature to politics and inventions.

Great inventions                                        
Among the most notable inventors we wind Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Morse. Bell was as most people know credited with inventing the telephone, all though there has been some controversy. In spite of this Bell has had a great influence on engineering innovation, and was involved in developing aeronautics, hydrofilms as well as the first working metal detector.

Samuel Morse was a co-inventor of the Morse code and was a great influencer in making telegraphy a commercial success.

Benjamin Franklin is known well for his work in politics as well as his inventions. As one of the founding fathers, few have had more impact on the history of the United States than him. Hi scientific studies broached a wide range of fields, and most famous are his lightning rod and bifocals; inventions that are important and in use to this day.Famous people from Massachusetts 11

Alongside Benjamin Franklin, the largest political personality to have been born in Massachusetts is probably John F. Kennedy. The politician was famous not only for being the 35th president of the USA, but also for his work on Cuban politics, the ban of nuclear testing as well as developments in the space race. Despite all his important contributions to American politics and society, he is probably most famous for his assassination in 1963. In broad daylight, he was gunned down during a motorcade through Dallas, Texas.

As far as literary giants go, there are several Massachusetts names that stand out. Nathaniel Hawthorne was an author perhaps most famous for his controversial The Scarlet Letter, although he enjoys success also with subsequent literary work. Sylvia Plath gained perhaps as much fame from her suicide as from her work, but she has been credited with being an important influence on confessional literature, and is best known for her works The Colossus and Other Poems and The Bell Jar.

Today we know such names as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Edward Norton as huge names in the entertainment industry. These actors along with many others also have their roots in Massachusetts.


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